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Unique Affordable Furniture - Upcycled! Nationwide delivery available



Can you revamp my own furniture?

Yes we can! It is often cheaper than you think and can be cheaper than buying new furniture. You can also choose the exact style you want.

Is the paint you use hard wearing?

Painted furniture will last years if it is looked after properly. The paint used is not chip/scratch resistant, just like most other paints! Sealer is applied to  add protection.

Why wasn't sealer used all over every product?

We used to use Sarah Jayne Chalk Paint which only recommended using sealer over high traffic areas which is why we only sealed tops. The sealer we now use is expensive and not all customers wanted to pay the extra fee. We have now decided to seal all painted products (unless otherwise stated) to add protection so prices now reflect this. 

How to clean chalk painted furniture

Use a clean dry/ lightly damp cloth. Do not soak or rub too hard. Do not use polish or cleaning products. Clean immediately.

Are all areas of the furniture painted?

We do not paint the inside of units (unless it has glass doors) or underneath tables/ chairs or back of units. We try to keep costs to a minimum for our customers so parts that cannot be seen are not painted. We can paint these at if required, please ask us for a quote. We do not paint the inside of drawers, this is not recommended as it can stop the drawers closing properly and the paint will chip with the constant movement of the drawers.

Why do we use a variety of brands?

Some brands/ types of paints work better with certain projects and have different shades available.



Will my furniture need repainting in furture?

If you don't look after painted furniture the answer is yes! As with all furniture it will get dirty/ marked over time and will need refreshing. We can repaint or sell you touch up paint, please ask us for a quote.

Does wax/ sealer need to be reapplied?

Yes wax should be reapplied every few months. Sealer is hard wearing but we also recommend reapplying every 6 months. We use Annie Sloan wax for painted furniture which can be purchased from local suppliers (we aren't a stockist), Bees wax on wood tops which can be purchased from most hardware stores  & General Finishes Sealer which can be purchased from us. 

Is all your furniture pre-loved?

Yes unless otherwise stated. Pre-loved is older, pre-owned, pre-loved furniture that has been upcycled and revamped to give it a new lease of life. It is not brand new and will no doubt show signs of its previous life. Please take the nature of pre-loved shabby chic furniture into consideration before purchasing. Wood may have chips, dents, insides of units/drawers may have marks etc. We will never describe pre-loved as being in perfect condition because it's not! Some pieces can be very old and therefore show signs of age.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we offer local delivery for extra, please ask us for a quote & read T&C's for more details. We recommend using anyvan.com for deliveries further away than the areas we cover. 

We do not offer free local delivery. Please remember it costs us to deliver items. We have to have 2 people, pay fuel (there and back) insurance and maintenance of the van etc. We offer doorstep delivery only. We do not accept responsibility for any damages to homes carrying furniture through. You are responsible for making arrangements of setting up furniture and putting it in your house. We are responsible for furniture in transit. We ask that you check all furniture on delivery and sign to say you are happy with the condition.

How long can my furniture be held for once completed?

Up to 5 days. Furniture can be held longer depending on the space we have available for £10 per item per week.

Why do you charge so much when I can paint furniture myself cheaper?

We are a business. We have to buy the furniture, collect the furniture (covering costs for fuel and time) pay to store the furniture, cover materials and labour, cover electricity costs, fuel to meet people at our unit,. Being self employed means we do not get paid holidays, sickness, we have tax bills to pay. We do not make huge amounts painting furniture. You maybe able to paint it yourself cheaper but we have to make a living from this.